Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Fortunes & Glory

Session #2
Prologue #2 Part One

Leaving Carson to the care of the medical facility at Mos Espa, Rex was on his way to meet up with his partner Vendi. Nearing the Mos Espa Cantina, Rex heard a cry for help; and after investigating, encountered a bothan tending to a demolished protocol droid. Here, Rex meets Fenn, a bothan trader tasked with building his clan’s network of outer rim contacts for better trade. The two try to assist the dying protocol droid, but their best efforts cannot stop the droid from powering down completely.

The droid, J9-B8, tells the two how he came to be in his current state. J9 is the counterpart of R2-A1, an astromech known for its calculations to safely navigate the Kessel Run. Such knowledge makes A1 quite in demand from smugglers across the galaxy. A group of thugs attempted to find and capture A1 and questioned J9 as to the astromech’s whereabouts. Refusing to give A1 over to the gang, the thugs took J9 out-back of the cantina and demolished him. After telling Rex and Fenn his story, J9 asks the two to find and save his friend. By doing so, J9 promises that A1 will share some of his knowledge. [not taking his word for it, Fenn asks Rex to remove J9’s head “just in case we can figure out how to get any more info out of him” and Rex proceeds to carry around the head in a backpack.]

Investigating inside Mos Espa Cantina, the characters find a casino/bar. Here, Fenn encountered Arist Riskyr’syk, a fellow bothan and information broker. The two engage in a friendly game of Sabacc where Arist provided Fenn with a little information or confirmation of what Fenn already knew. A1 had been taken by a group working for Bandin Dobah, a Quarren smuggling boss wanted by both the Empire and Thakbah the Hutt.

While Fenn was talking with Arist, Rex encountered a Rodian named Zukata. Zukata also is seeking A1 to help with Rodian trade. As the two were talking, three smugglers entered the casino like they owned the place. Two of the smugglers approached the bar and began to bother Zukata. Rex intervened on her behalf and a fire-fight/melee began. Rex and Fenn were able to subdue two of the smugglers, but their leader, Daro Blunt, [barely] escaped.

Rex and Fenn were able to track down Blunt’s hideout, a warehouse on the edge of Mos Espa. Sneaking inside, the characters engaged in a firefight with Blunt, killing him and two of his associates. Hidden, out of sight, they found R2-A1, disabled with a restraining bolt. After carefully deactivating the restraining bolt, R2-A1 awakened to his rescuers.

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Session #1
Prologue #1

Prologue 1

In our first adventure, we were introduced to RX-225, a former assassin droid attempting to regain lost/corrupted programming; and Vendian Brax, a broke archaeologist obsessed with the discovery of ancient artifacts. The two had formed a partnership on Nar Shaddaa, and while on this planet were approached by Carson Vorhees. Carson, a shady grunt-type, hires Vendian and 225 to accompany him to Tatooine in search of a rare treasure called the Black Krayt Pearl.

When entering the dangerous Tatooine space, their public transport was hijacked by pirates. Vendi and 225 quickly jumped to action, taking out the hijacker and fending off pirate starships by using the transport’s turret. Unfortunately, the transport suffered major damage during the attack and crashed heavily into Tatooine’s Dune Sea.
Fending off the pirates’ last ditch attempt to take the crashed vessel, Vendi was able to calm the passengers and activate a distress beacon, while 225 tended to the injured. Luckily, the distress beacon’s call was picked up by a group of local moisture farmers. The farmers, led by a man named Mason, transported the passengers and our heroes to a make-shift fortification that the farmers use for protection against Tuskan Raiders. At The Sanctuary, 225 helped the farmers by improving their medical facility, while Vendi and Carson attempted to acquire use of a land speeder in order to investigate the coordinates of the Black Krayt Pearl.

By repairing a broke-down speeder, the characters were able to secure transportation to the location. There, they discovered the pearl to be installed in some sort of Tuskan Raider temple, where the sand people house the pearl as a gift from their deity. Strangely, the temple looks to have been recently vacated by the sand people; and so, our adventurers made their way inside. After the simple removal of a trap, Vendi was able to recover the Black Krayt Pearl from its display.

While in the cave, the characters experienced a slight trembling in the walls. Upon exiting, that disturbance was discovered to be a Kreet Beetle whose nest had been disturbed by the Tuskan Raiders. The beetle blocked the characters’ passage, and so 225 quickly sprung to distract the creature while his partners escaped. Unfortunately, both Vendi and Carson were blocked by the beetle, who snatched Carson’s arm in its jaws, crippling him. The group was able to kill the Kreet Beetle and help Carson out of the cave.

Upon leaving the cave, the adventurers were met by Tuskan Raiders, who had returned to the cave to exterminate the Beetle nest. The Raiders were quickly dispatched; and the group was able to head back to The Sanctuary. Mason provided Vendi, Carson, and 225 with transport to Mos Espa. There, Vendi began to pursue a buyer for the pearl, while 225 took Carson to receive medical attention.


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