Fenn Riskyr'ala

Bothan Trader


2 Brawn, 3 Agility, 3 Intellect, 3 Cunning, 2 Willpower, 3 Presence

12 Wounds, 13 Strain, 3 Soak, 0 Defense


1 Astrogation
1 Cool
2 Deception
2 Negotiation
2 Perception
1 Streetwise
1 Survival
1 Outer Rim Knowledge

Convincing Demeanor (Page 133)
Know Somebody (Page 138)

10 Family – Clan Prestige
10 Oath – Spynet

Power – Serves Self, Then Services
Desires building his own underground network dealing w/ ancient powers.

Ambitious & impatient. Dark side candidate.

Typical Behavior
Seen in public places (not one to hide in the shadows), but uber observant in between the rehearsed social interactions that make Fenn look preoccupied. He is an actor of sorts; two-faced — one for the public and one for the Clan.

Heavy Clothing (cargo handler’s uniform)
Scanner Goggles (around neck or on top of head; i.e. sunglasses)
Modded (Filed Front Sight) Hold-Out Stingbeam (holstered, inverted under right arm)
Utility Belt: handheld comlink, encoded datapad, Stimpack, Ration Pack x5.

Capacity: 7
Current: 2.5 (utility belt -1)


Total XP

Available XP


Fledgling merchant from the mining moon of Krant (Mid Rim R-14) called Geddes — where Sith & Jedi temples and artifacts are a part of their history.

Sent by Spynet to gather informants along the Outer Rim trade routes.

Male, 25 yrs old. 4’ 11.5" tall. Lean build. Reddish brown hair w/ steel blue eyes.
Wears a dark gray cargo handler’s uniform that look very similar to an Imperial uniform at first glance. (see pix)

Shorter facial hair to limit fur ripples.

Name Meaning
Given Name: Fenn = Nimble (literally, slippery)
Family Name: Riskyr = Inquisitive, curious
Clan Name: ala = Eala

Wish List
Surveillance Tagger x2 ® 175 0 4 = 350cr
Stimpack x4 25 0 1 = 100cr
Armored Clothing 1,000 3 6 = 1000cr

Contact / Info List
R2-A1 Astromech – Kessel Run & other info
Bandin Dobah’s smuggling network
Zukata Metatta – Rodian female
- – Metatta – Rodian male Bounty Hunter

Tatooine ::
Arist Riskyr’syk РBothan contact
Mos Espa
Human Weapon’s Dealer – sold wpns to, has crate of ship parts
Toydarian – paid credits for info

Sleheyron ::
Thakbah the Hutt – paid bounty on & killed Bandin Dobah

Possession List
J9-B8 Protocol Droid’s Head
Stun Grenade
Light Blaster Pistol
Shock Gloves
Datapad with docking code
YT-1000 Light Freighter

Fenn Riskyr'ala

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