RX 225

ex-Assassin Droid


3 Brawn, 3 Agility, 4 Intellect, 1 Cunning, 1 Willpower, 1 Presence

13 Wounds, 11 Strain, 5 Soak, 0 Defense


1 Athletics
1 Coercion
1 Mechanics
1 Medicine
2 Resilience
1 Vigilance
1 Brawl
2 Melee
1 Ranged (light)

Enduring (droid ability)

20 Hunted by Imperial Intelligence
10 Obsessed with restoring his former abilities

Driven to do good to atone for past evils, and to repair and improve himself to better do so.

Force Pike, Heavy Cloth Armor (duster), Blaster Carbine
Utility Belt: comlink, glow rod
Backpack: Emergency Medpac, Emergency Repair Patch (x3)



RX 225 (original designation “Imperial training droid Prototype 22.5”) was constructed on Camino as part of the program that turned the original “PROXY (Prototype 10.0)” holodroid into the line of Sith Training Droids later used to test force-sensative clones. Deemed unsuitable for replication due to irregularities in his neural net, 225 was removed from the program and assigned as a disposable operative to Imperial Intelligence.

Typical missions called for 225 to pose as a medic or technician to infiltrate target areas and remove designated personelle. Conflicts between his assassin programming and overlaid medical/ethical routines increased the instability in his artifical mind. He was eventually compromised and reprogrammed by an intended target to instead kill his Imperial handler (Commander Dehn Sinclair) and himself. Though 225 carried out the first part of these orders, the strain of conflicting of directives triggered an overload and cascading failure of his positronic brain – resulting in a partial memory wipe and severe fragmentation of his programming and personality matrix.

As the most recent cover programming was least fragmented, 225 continued operating as a medical assisstant under the designation RX-225 while he worked to slowly repair himself and reprogram his own mind. The resulting personality has a much higher level of sapience and self awareness than the original. It was also constructed based on the morals and ethics of its physician subroutines – giving RX 225 an abhorrence of its former deeds and a hatred of the Empire.

His goals are vague but his need to do something is strong. RX-225 wants both to atone for the half-remembered evils of his former life, and to punish those who commit such atrocities against the undeserving.

RX 225

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